24th Feb 2017 - 29th Apr 2017

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4th Feb 2017 - 13th May 2017

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This House

23rd Sep 2016 - 25th Feb 2017

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13th Sep 2013 - 29th Oct 2016

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The Guardian


by Michael Billington

'A thrilling play that both relives history and transcends it'


The Evening Standard


by Fiona Mountford

'There has simply been no better direction than this in 2016'

Time Out


by Theo Bosanquet

‘In an age of Brexit and Trump, it serves as a reminder of the perennial challenges of democracy itself.’

The Times


by Ann Treneman

'Riveting and highly relevant'



by Sarah Crompton

'A remarkable achievement for all concerned'

Daily Telegraph


by Dominic Cavendish

'Genius political drama'

The Independent


by Joe Vesey-Byrne

'A thrilling evening of intrigue and laughter'

The Sunday Times


by Ian Shuttleworth

The Stage


by Heather Neill

'Pertinent and witty’

The Sunday Express


by Michael Arditti