The House They Grew Up In

14th Jul 2017 - 5th Aug 2017

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29th May 2017 - 30th Sep 2017

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24th Feb 2017 - 30th Apr 2017

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4th Feb 2017 - 13th May 2017

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Brexit Films

Coming Soon

Headlong and the Guardian newspaper have joined forces to interrogate the Brexit vote. In a series of short films to be broadcast on the Guardian website, leading theatre voices from across the UK will look at both sides of the argument to find out what happened, why and what the consequences could be?

The Brexit vote was the single most significant event in UK politics since WW2. In a deeply divided nation how does such disparity of views affect ideas of community, values and aspirations. How will this political revolution reshape politics in Britain?

The short films will be produced by Headlong and the Guardian and released through the Guardian website.