31st Jul 2018 - 26th Aug 2018

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This House UK Tour

23rd Feb 2018 - 2nd Jun 2018

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What's She Like

The back of a mobile phone. The phone is battered and covered with stickers.

Created by Gareth Damien Martin and Tassos Stevens. Playlines written by Rhiannon Armstrong, Liz Ebengo, Silé Edwards, Emma Frankland and Sarah Grochala.

In collaboration with Coney.

Season Closed

A game for you to play on a smartphone, made by Coney and Headlong, living in the world of People Places & Things by Duncan Macmillan.

What is your relationship with your smartphone like? Are you constantly checking it? Do you feel like your left arm is missing when you’re without it? Are you concerned that you might have become addicted?

Never fear. Help is at hand.

The rehab centre that Emma checks into in People, Places & Things  has just released a handy free online service that helps you manage your relationship with your smartphone more successfully.

Chat to an AI therapist who can quickly diagnose your problems. Learn more about both yourself and your behaviour through taking part in a number of personalised role plays. Discover what you’re like, what she’s like, what your relationship with your smartphone is actually like.