Faustus: That Damned Woman

22nd Jan 2020 - 4th Apr 2020

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Tom Mothersdale on The Glass Menagerie

Tell us about your character.

Tom is a young man who works in a shoe factory, his father left when he was very young so he has the responsibility of providing for his mother and sister. But Tom has dreams of becoming a writer and travelling the world. He feels trapped and straight jacketed by his monotonous job and over bearing mother. At night and spends hours at the movies to escape the claustrophobia of the house. Tom has to decide whether to follow his dreams but at the cost of abandoning his family

All of the characters in the Glass Menagerie have complex relationships with each other. How are you going to approach bringing them to life effectively?

In rehearsals we are doing a lot of improvisations and character development; looking into the past and working out what makes them tick and why they make the choices they do.

What do you like about your character and why?

I like Tom’s determination to follow his dreams. It’s something I can relate to as an actor having to sacrifice certain things in my own life to follow my dreams. I also love his sense of right and wrong. He is desperate to do the right thing and feels a deep sense of shame if he hurts someone he loves.

What research have you done to help inform your approach to depicting the character?

I have read about Tennessee Williams’ life, as the play is quite autobiographical. I researched life in America in the 1930’s and the politics around that time to get a sense of the social pressures the characters might have endured. I also spent time working in a shoe factory a few weeks before rehearsals started to get a sensory idea of what that would be like.