Faustus: That Damned Woman

22nd Jan 2020 - 4th Apr 2020

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Eric Kofi Abrefa on The Glass Menagerie

Tell us about your character
Jim was a high school hero and high achiever…a popular guy. But finds himself, couple years out after graduating from high school, having not progressed as expected. He works in the warehouse with Tom and tries to start over.

All of the characters in The Glass Menagerie have complex relationships with each other. How are you going to approach bringing them to life effectively?
By understanding the life and circumstances that they find themselves in. Re-searching the historical and social context has been important.

What research have you done to help inform your approach to depicting the character?
Reading memoirs of Tennessee Williams, reading about the historic period and trying to get into the lives of these people.

What do you like about your character and why?
He’s a genuine guy trying to fulfil his potential and wants to exceed expectations that people expect from him but most importantly what he expects from himself.