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1st Mar 2019 - 25th May 2019

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7th Apr 2019 - 8th Apr 2019

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15th Apr 2019 - 8th Jun 2019

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Billie Piper on The Effect

Billie Piper talks about playing the role of Connie in The Effect.

Rehearsal Diary - Week 6

By Audrey Sheffield

Jonjo O'Neill in rehearsal. Photo: Ellie Kurtz.


At the end of the fifth week, concerns were raised about the running time of the play. The first half was one hour and twenty five minutes and the second, one hour and twenty minutes. Rupert and Lucy both felt that this was too long. On Monday morning, a 'new script' arrived. Lucy had made some small cuts throughout the play. 

Rehearsal Diary - Week 5

By Audrey Sheffield

Billie Piper in rehearsal. Photo: Ellie Kurtz

The start of this week saw more re-capping of scenes that had already been rehearsed, as well as work on one or two small sections that hadn't yet been put up on their feet. Two of the scenes that need more work than others, in terms of line-learning and familiarization, come towards the end of the play. 

The Effect - First Read Through

Rupert Goold, Lucy  Prebble, Ben Power and Jonjo O'Neill discuss their impression of The Effect after hearing it for the first time.

Rupert Goold, Lucy Prebble, Jonjo O'Neill and Ben Power discuss their impressions of The Effect, after hearing the script by the actors read for the first time.

Rehearsal Diary - Week 4

By Audrey Sheffield

Tom Goodman-Hill in rehearsal. Photo:Ellie Kurtz

It has been another fascinating and productive week in rehearsals. There have been a number of parallel calls again. This is because the structure of the play being quite clearly divided between two plot strands and the two main relationships that run throughout.

Frank Sinatra - 'I've Got You Under My Skin'

Listen to one of the songs featured in the show.

Rehearsal Diary - Week 3

By Audrey Sheffield

Jonjo O'Neill in rehearsal. Photo: Ellie Kurtz

This has been an incredibly productive and fascinating week. Lucy has distributed more re-writes. These have ranged from fine-tuning language, to clarifying logic and making certain character-driven changes.

Rehearsal Diary - Week 2

By Audrey Sheffield

Rehearsal room for The Effect. Photo: Ellie Kurtz

At the beginning of Week 2, new drafts of sections of the play arrived. Lucy was often away from rehearsals, working on the script. In rehearsal, the script was developed by reading through certain sections. Each section was then discussed by the actors, Rupert and Lucy. Then, where necessary, Lucy went away to work on re-writes.

Ingrid Michaelson - 'Keep Breathing'

Ingrid Michaelson’s beautiful song ‘Keep Breathing’ - as heard in The Effect.

Rehearsal Diary - Week 1

By Audrey Sheffield

Rupert Goold and the company in rehearsal. Photo: Ellie Kurtz

On the Friday before rehearsals began, the Guardian published a controversial article by Ben Goldacre called ‘The drugs don't work: a modern medical scandal’. The article was related to his recently published book Bad Pharma and asked several provocative questions. How much do you and your doctor know about the drugs that you take? Can we trust the validity and efficacy of drugs trials themselves and of certain medication as treatment for particular conditions? This article was brought into rehearsals on the first day and often referred to during them.