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23rd Feb 2018 - 2nd Jun 2018

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31st Jul 2018 - 22nd Sep 2018

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Seagull Branding

A Manifesto

The Theatre is DEAD.
The stench of it’s [sic] rotting carrion infects my nostrils. Its carrcus [sic] must be burned as a warning to all.
There must be a new theatre.
The new THEATRE shall be elemental.
It shal [sic] contain earth, fire, air, water.
It shall be wrenched from the guts the bloody bowels of the SOUL.
We are shaman [sic]. Invoking the spirits of the angels and the damned.
The audience is SICK.
They have come here to be cured.
They will not leave as they were when they arrived.

[K.G.T., Fragment lxii]