Faustus: That Damned Woman

22nd Jan 2020 - 4th Apr 2020

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Seagull Branding

Playing Petr

By Colin Haigh

Colin Haigh is interviewed in the rehearsal room.

Colin Haigh talks about playing Petr in The Seagull and reveals more about the character's regrets in life.

Playing Polina

By Catherine Cusack

Catherine Cusack is interviewed in the rehearsal room.

Catherine Cusack talks about her approach to playing Polina in The Seagull and reveals more about the most important relationship in the character's life.

Playing Semyon

By Rudi Dharmalingam

Rudi Dharmalingam is interviewed in the rehearsal room.

Rudi Dharmalingam discusses the character of Semyon and his love for Masha.

Playing Yevgeny

By David Beames

The actor David Beames

David Beames discusses the character of Yevgeny Dorn and his place within Irina Arkadina's social circle in Chekhov's The Seagull.

Playing Masha

By Jenny Rainsford

Jenny Rainsford is interviewed in the canteen of the Jerwood Space.

Jenny Rainsford discusses the character of Masha, her relationships with other characters and the way that she sees the world.

Playing Ilya

By John Elkington

The actor John Elkington is interviewed in the rehearsal room.

John Elkington discusses the character of Ilya and his relationship to the other characters in Chekhov's The Seagull.

Character Biographies

By the company

The Company of The Seagull. Photo: Tristram Kenton.

Discover more about the lives of the characters in Chekhov's The Seagull, as imagined by the company who play them.

Playing Yakov

By Eddie Eyre

Eddie is interviewed in the rehearsal room.

Eddie Eyre discusses the role of the character Yakov in Chekhov's The Seagull and his approach to playing him.

Playing Nina Zarechnaya

By Pearl Chanda

The actress Pearl Chanda is interviewed in the rehearsal room.

Pearl Chanda discusses her approach to playing the role of Nina and how the character has been re-imagined by the writer John Donnelly.

Playing Boris Trigorin

By Gyuri Sarossy

The actor Gyuri Sarossy sits in the rehearsal room and talks about his approach to playing the character of Boris Trigorin.

Gyuri Sarrosy discusses the character of Boris Trigorin in Chekhov's The Seagull and explains his approach to playing him.

Rehearsal Diary - Week 5

By Jack Lowe

So we’re into week 5 and we’re all settling into the comfortable surroundings of the Nuffield Theatre Southampton.  The set has been built and installed on stage so it’s time for tech rehearsals. This is when the actors get onto the set for the first time and the technical crew get a chance to rehearse the lighting and sound. The lighting and sound desks are out in the auditorium rather than hidden away in the lighting box. There are wires everywhere and there are countless calls from the various technical people that seem to be in a different language, which sounds like English, but it seems to be in a strange code. Phrases like "Put the SL Boom Base DS of the leg. Don't think we'll need an Iris, but you never know" might sound mystifying to the casual listener but they are clear as day to the technical crew.

Dear Director

I have been thinking about water surfaces, and this reminded me of the boat sequence in Night of the Hunter; it's completely wrong, but something about it snagged me...

Rehearsal Diary - Week 4

By Jack Lowe

So what happens when the fragmented sections of rehearsals are pieced together for the first run through? Well. A collective gulp and then off we go…

Dear Designer

I'm raising something mad here. Is that even possible, let alone effective?!

Rehearsal Diary - Week 3

By Jack Lowe

So, an actor talking to the audience. It’s a slippery device in theatre. When done well, dissolving the fourth wall instantly asks the question: who are the audience meant to be? Are they a specific person (a priest being confessed to), a collection of different people (a jury) or merely ghosts in a forest that the character is talking to?

The Seagull - First Read Through

Writer John Donnelly and director Blanche McIntyre talk about hearing actors read the script of The Seagull for the very first time.

Writer John Donelly and Director Blanche McIntyre give their response to hearing their new version of The Seagull read out by actors for the very first time.

Rehearsal Diary - Week 2

By Jack Lowe

There are so many things happening in the rehearsal room, it’s sometimes difficult to know what might be interesting for you folks to see. So to give you an overarching feel for week two, I’ll start with how I’m trying to use day-to-day observations to visualise the process.

Rehearsal Diary - Week 1

By Jack Lowe

One of the most fascinating moments in the rehearsal room is seeing what the director chooses to do first. 

A Manifesto

The Theatre is DEAD. There must be a new theatre.