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22nd Jan 2020 - 4th Apr 2020

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5th Sep 2020 - 19th Sep 2020

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The Nether WE2 Title Treatment black


The Times


by Kate Bassett

'The director Jeremy Herrin’s taut staging — a Royal Court and Headlong co-production — is superbly cast and stunningly designed by Es Devlin and Luke Halls.'

The Independent


by Paul Taylor

'Jeremy Herrin [directs a] brilliant production of Jennifer Haley's deeply disturbing and very responsibly provocative play.'

Time Out


by Daisy Bowie-Sell

'‘The Nether’ is a relentlessly gripping, entertaining play...an unnerving dystopian vision of the future and a stark warning of where we may be headed.'

London Evening Standard


by Fiona Mountford

'Jeremy Herrin, quite the director of the moment, oversees a starkly compelling production that benefits immeasurably from Es Devlin’s design'

The Financial Times


by Sarah Hemming

'Compelling and disturbing, the play forces us to confront some of the most difficult moral issues presented by the cyberspace we have created.'

Financial Times


by Ian Shuttleworth

'Jennifer Haley’s unsettling virtual-reality drama challenges us to think the unthinkable'

The Observer


by Laura Barnett

'This is a compelling, profoundly disturbing 80 minutes of theatre, hammered home by some of the best visuals I've ever seen on stage'

The Telegraph


by Charles Spencer

'With The Nether,[The Royal Court] has a thought-provoking, deeply disconcerting success on its hands, in a co-production with the outstanding Headlong company.'


Time Out


by Andrzej Lukowski

'The internet has undoubtedly changed us as a species, and ‘The Nether’ asks big questions about how we go forward.'

Exeunt Magazine

by Lydia Thomson

'Through this bright, buzzing production of The Nether, it transpires that the virtual world can be the most human world of all.'

New Scientist

by Sumit Paul-Choudhury

'The Nether, dark though it is, makes a compelling case that we should now engage fully: its critique of our times is breathtakingly powerful.'

London Evening Standard

by Veronica Lee

Jeremy Herrin explains why The Nether is the first play about the internet that houses real drama.

The Telegraph

by Dominic Cavendish

'Imagine a world where every lust could be gratified without consequences, where an interaction with a stranger could result in mind-blowing sensory overload with no strings attached – and heck, you could even bludgeon that stranger to death with an axe and carry on with your life as normal'

Exeunt Magazine

by Tom Wicker

Jeremy Herrin talks about his upcoming Headlong directorial debut, The Nether, at the Royal Court.

The Guardian

by Matt Trueman

Matt Trueman writes about issues raised in the upcoming production of The Nether at the Royal Court.

What's On Stage

by Theo Bosanquet

Jeremy Herrin discusses his upcoming production of The Nether, at the Royal Court, and his new position as artistic director at Headlong.

The Irish World

by David Hennessy

Amanda Hale tells David Hennessy about her new play, The Nether, at the Royal Court.