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22nd Jan 2020 - 4th Apr 2020

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Meek Rehearsal Diary - Week Four

By Maria Crocker

The Meek tech week had arrived. Our final week of rehearsal was over in a flash and before we knew it we were all travelling from London to Birmingham to begin our technical rehearsals.

The show was opening in Edinburgh at The Traverse the next week but due to the nature of the festival and the amount of shows that are all being squeezed into the same theatre for a month, we worked with the brilliant Birmingham Rep team to tech our play before we moved to Edinburgh. We’ll then re-visit Birmingham in September as our first stop of the tour.

Tech is always a really exciting part of the process. It’s a huge collaborative effort from all departments and is an opportunity to experiment with lights, sound, costume and performance within the space. There’s an inevitable shift that happens on the journey from the rehearsal room to the theatre and these technical rehearsals allow the whole team, both on stage and off, to be very precise and realistic about the technical demands of the play.

So, costumes are washed and pressed, glow tape is in place, cues are programmed before our first preview in Edinburgh. Here we go!