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Junkyard - Rehearsal Diary Week Six

By Michal Keyamo

Honey we're Home!

 Tech week always makes my heart beat a little faster and harder because it means we're getting closer to finally sharing it with audiences. What will they think? Will they love it, hate it, laugh at the jokes, be touched by the tender moments or will they *blink blink scratch heads* at the whole thing? You just never know! I suppose that's the beauty and curse of finally opening the doors to meet the unknown.  We've been working hard though and it feels so good to meet our gawjuss set in all its glory and enjoy the splendours of the design elements coming together to sprinkle gold dust on what has been achieved so far.

Songs have been changed, text has been slashed and new text inserted, movement has been tightened up, costumes have been poked and prodded - no stone has been left unturned. Everyone's battered but the commitment to Junkyard continues to drive everything forward. It's been a tough week and there's been a fair few changes but nothing has been in vain.

The actors have been absolute stars and I always think of them as a sort of breed of demi-god because the stamina and strength demonstrated has been..well godly lol… Still they experiment, still they remain fully focused and highly charged, still they have fun and look out for each other. They have worked so hard and I'm sure that everything that has been achieved from the 16th of January till now will reap its full rewards. Previews are about to come thick and fast and Press Night forever looms but of course this will only be the beginning. As the weeks pass and the show continues its journey on to Theatr Clwyd and The Rose, Kingston more discoveries will be made and the production will continue to grow and soar. I'm pleased that I'll be witness to it all.

It's been so lovely to share a few thoughts over this period and I'll be sad to say goodbye *sniff sniff.* But it's time to give birth. One final push and we'll soon be holding a new baby in our arms:

 ….Her name is JUNKYARD…

Michal xx