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23rd Feb 2018 - 2nd Jun 2018

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31st Jul 2018 - 22nd Sep 2018

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Digital Artist 2016

Headlong is delighted to announce that Chloe Mashiter has won Headlong’s Digital Artist Award.

Chloe will be working alongside the company’s creatives to design an audio game that explores our personal responsibility towards victims of conflict.

Chloe Mashiter is a writer and director and is currently the Laboratory Associate Director for the Nuffield Theatre. Her work on stage includes Inheritance (Plymouth Fringe Festival), A Doll’s House (Dissolve Theatre) and Mummuration (Camden’s Peoples Theatre).

Chloe is Headlong's third digital artist. The visual artist Michael Takeo Magruder created an interactive world, The Nether Realm, which explored the fine line between reality and virtual reality in the modern world. During 2015, interactive theatre maker Tassos Stevens (Coney) created an interactive story about smartphone addiction that is played on a smartphone, What’s She Like inspired by People, Places and Things.

Runners Up: Hobo Theatre (Jamie Harper and Duncan Hay)

Shortlisted Artists:
Vivianna Chiotini
Rob Jones
Manou Koreman
Spid Theatre (Helena Thompson)