Faustus: That Damned Woman

22nd Jan 2020 - 4th Apr 2020

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What's Intriguing About Chimerica?

By The Company

“This play is intriguing on so many levels. It is slick and brilliantly written [...] about a subject that is hardly ever written or talked about. It's powerful and the characters are vivid and real. It feels very cinematic but without the editing. When I read the play I felt so excited in a way that I haven't for a while. Because it is brave and amazingly clever and it is thrilling to be a part of creating the world.” – Claudie Blakley

“The way that no character is what they ‘seem’ to be – that we are surprised to discover things when we’ve been prejudicial – as we all are – and that many virtues are unspoken, hidden. (As are many vices.) – Stephen Campbell Moore

“I love the amount of provocations within the play. Lucy has given us many grey areas to explore. This presentation of subjectivity is exhilarating. [...] I am particularly taken by the various examples of choosing to do what's best for the greater good in the long run vs. reacting immediately to what seems to be the obvious or immediately right thing to do. In fact, the consideration of the individual versus the collective, and the idea that so many are unknown heroes on a daily basis, is incredibly inspiring. [...] I am also interested in the references to migration. Not only the simple Chinese move to America and the reasons why this might not always be desirable, but the issue of Tess's move to America and her status there. [...] I wonder how the audience will respond to the amount of freedom this script contains. I wonder what the experience of Chimerica will generate in thought and in action, and for how long.” – Vera Chok

“The breadth of its scope, its humour and its portrayal of China.” – Trevor Cooper

“I had the great good fortune to work in Shanghai and fell in love with the city. I only scratched the surface of Chinese culture, but became fascinated by it. I think Lucy’s play is brilliant and one of the aspects I find most intriguing is the mutual incomprehension between China and West. It’s the story of the century.” – Nancy Crane

“The combination of a wonderful personal set of stories within an epic theme makes it special and contemporary.” – Sean Gilder

“What I like most about the play is the way that all the characters have been realized, they are not just symbolic.” – Sarah Lam

“The scale and ambition of the writing.” – David K.S. Tse