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22nd Jan 2020 - 4th Apr 2020

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The Power of Photography

By the Company

Which photographs or images have made the strongest impression on you?

Edward Hopper's 'House At Dusk' represents to me that there is always an open expanse beyond the architecture and world you’re in; an acknowledgement of the vast space, air, freedom and possibility around you. Also, this piece of neon art, 'You Have More Freedom Than You're Using' by Dan Attoe - Vera Chok

“I remember seeing the image of the 'tank man' and the news footage, and it had an immensely powerful effect on me. This skinny young man standing in front of a huge tank with such courage. When I read Chimerica that incident absolutely came to life, and revealed so much to me about the relationship between America and China.” – Sarah Lam

“A photograph that made a huge impression on me has to be John and Yoko's 'Bed In' ... where they were protesting world peace. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. It obviously received a huge amount of press coverage and although they didn't take it seriously ... I thought it humorous and inspiring. The photo is so delightful of them sitting in bed 'as angels' as John describes them,,with signs over their bed reading 'hair peace' and 'bed peace' ... brilliant.” – Claudie Blakley

“I recently saw a photo of my parents in the ‘80s – I was shocked! By the glitter and size of the shoulder pads.” – Stephen Campbell Moore

“The famous arena poster of the tennis playing girl scratching her bum.” – Trevor Cooper

“I love early photographs of Paris, especially pre-Haussmann. The one I like best is possibly the first photograph – Daguerre’s Boulevard du Temple. The street is totally empty because the exposure was 20 – 30 minutes. There’s just one figure, a man who was standing still to have his boots cleaned. That single, ghostly figure is like a portal into another age. And, thinking about it, it’s not unlike the photo of the 'tank man' – this solitary figure onto whom so much can be read.” – Nancy Crane

“The girl with napalm on her in Vietnam, the Brazilian mines… there are so many.” – Sean Gilder

Weegee’s Crowd at Coney Island, 1940.” – David K.S. Tse