Faustus: That Damned Woman

22nd Jan 2020 - 4th Apr 2020

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Epic Quests

By the company

Chimerica follows American photojournalist Joe as he tries to locate an unknown man in a photograph he took in Tiananmen Square more than 20 years ago. In the spirit of adventure, the Chimerica cast were asked what epic quest they would undertake if they knew it would succeed.

"I’d love to sail a tall ship around the world and find out what it’s like drifting on the open ocean." – Stephen Campbell Moore

“I’d like to travel to Narnia and meet a big talking Lion!” – Claudie Blakley

“If I had time for an epic quest that was guaranteed to succeed, I would like to find a way of breaking through the perpetual cycle of violence and war. Everybody says it can’t happen, but it can. I think it could be achieved if we could start some process of education and getting to people to think about it. So I would like to establish a World Festival of Peace every year, something like the Olympics, in which every country was eligible to take part. Nations could collaborate on productions of music, drama, and the visual arts and so on, specifically on the theme of peace.” – Sarah Lam

“I'd introduce anthropology as a core subject taught upwards from primary school globally. I believe that learning about the many strange and wonderful ways in which people can be - superficially or fundamentally - different is the only way to dissolve much of our fear of the unfamiliar.” – Vera Chok

“Myself.” – Trevor Cooper

“I fell in love with Shanghai when I worked there. This may seem small for a quest that’s supposed to be epic (although a city of 18 million people is pretty epic), but I’d love to learn Chinese, move to Shanghai and discover every lane, every alley, every nook and cranny of the city – particularly as so much is being pulled down and rebuilt. I’d then like to make a film about the city – the sounds, the colours, the textures, the squalor and the beauty – and share it with everyone.” – Nancy Crane

“How to reduce aggression and increase cooperation, peaceful co-existence and harmony.” – David K.S. Tse

“Go to the Antarctic with my son for him to see the Emperor Penguins in their natural habitat and travel round the world with him. I’d like to learn patience!” – Sean Gilder