Hedda Tesman

30th Aug 2019 - 19th Oct 2019

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The Times


by Dominic Maxwell

'Pure, decadent pleasure… will delight even those who think that they don’t like musicals.'

What's On Stage


by Michael Coveney

'Rupert Goold's production of this stunning high-concept musical with an uncompromising, insidious electronic score, is one of the most original in recent years: creepy, beautiful, reverberative, hollow, sleek and disturbing.'

The Sunday Express


by Mark Cook

‘Bleakly funny and superbly staged, American Psycho has the same dynamism and visual inventiveness that Goold brought to Enron… this is the most stylised and stylish production of the year.’



by Michael Billington

'Confirms the mythic power of Ellis' story and leaves us all dangerously entertained.'

Evening Standard


by Henry Hitchings

'A superb performance by Matt Smith, who serves up an intriguing blend of nihilism, cold vanity and twisted charm.'

The Guardian

by Deborah Orr

'American Psycho is all about making the perfect choice, and the importance of ensuring that you're in the position to make it.'

Broadway World

by Emily Ball

‘New musical thriller American Psycho has a killer cast, choreography is bloody excellent, and every line is executed brilliantly. It is totally and utterly brutal, yet artistically beautiful.’


LA Times

by James C. Taylor

'The reality is, I've invested a few years of my life, I've written 14 songs that I've put a lot of heart into, so you kind of can't stop.'

Duncan Sheik talks electro, indie-rock and 80s classics with James C. Taylor ahead of American Pyscho's opening night.

Daily Telegraph

by Jasper Rees

'It’s a very dark, disturbing inversion of the American dream.'

Jasper Rees speaks to Rupert Goold (Director), Es Devlin (Set Design) and Duncan Sheik (Music and Lyrics) about why American Psycho makes for a powerful musical.