Richard III

1st Mar 2019 - 25th May 2019

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Acts of Resistance

7th Apr 2019 - 8th Apr 2019

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All My Sons

15th Apr 2019 - 8th Jun 2019

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Missing Branding Image 120x40
A room that looks like a room in a dolls house. It contains a wardrobe, a bed, a table and chairs and a baby's cot. There is a bag on top of the wardrobe.There are three doors - one to the left, one to the right and one in the back left-hand corner of the room. There is an open window looking on to a garden outside. One one figures enter. They look like they have been cut out of magazines. They go through a cycle of movements and repeat this cycle of movements over and over till the end of the film. At first the room is empty. By the of the video the room is full of figures, each moving through their own cycle of movements. A ball bounces through the window and a boy climbs in after it. He picks up the ball and climbs out of the window again. A woman enters with a baby, sits at the table and breast feeds it. She puts the baby in the cot and leaves the room. The baby cries. A burglar climbs in through the window, steals the bag on top of the wardrobe and escapes out through the window. A man in a red hat and coat enters. He places the bag back on top of the wardrobe. He takes off his coat and hangs it in the wardrobe. She puts his hat in the wardrobe. He looks at his watch and leaves the room. A girl enters and takes a notepad out of the wardrobe. She sits at the table. She makes a paper airplane and throws it out of the window. She gets up from the table and leaves the room taking her notebook with her. A woman in a dressing gown enters holding a plate. She puts the plate on a table and leaves the room. A man wearing a vest and trousers enters the room. He sits down at the table and eats from the plate. He picks up the plate and leaves the room, still eating. A young man in shorts and a t-shirt enters the room. He flexes his right arm. He does a headstand on one of the chairs at the table. He shadow boxes against the wardrobe. He leaves the room. A woman in a trench coat enters the room carrying shopping bags. She puts the shopping bags in the wardrobe and then goes to the table and counts out some money. She leaves the room taking the money with her. An older man enters the room and climbs onto the table. He attempts to change the light bulb. He gets an electric shock, cries out and falls to the floor. He gets up and leaves the room limping. An older woman in an apron enters with a roast on a plate. She puts the roast on the table and carves it. She picks up the plate and leaves the room. A naked woman enters. She is wearing heels. She takes a dress out of the wardrobe and puts it on. She puts on a pair of knickers and then sits on the bed. She gets up and leaves. A man enters carrying a toilet bowl, a bucket and a large piece of piping, which he carries across the room and then exits. A man in a shirt and tie enters. He goes to the wardrobe and puts on an official looking cap and a jacket. He goes to one of the chairs and shines his shoes on it. He checks something in his pockets and then leaves the room. A drunk man enters in a dirty vest and jacket. He takes out a bottle of vodka and drinks from it. He wobbles his way out of the room. A woman and a man enter. They go to the cot and lift the baby out of it. They sit at the table with the baby. A woman in a headscarf enters mopping the floor as she goes. She gets on a chair and mops the ceiling. She gets down and leaves the room. The woman kisses the baby, gets up and carries the baby back to the cot. The man goes to the bed and then he goes back to the cot to join the woman and they exit. A couple enter kissing. The woman gets onto the bed and the man joins her. A man enters with a dog on a lead. he gets the dog to jump on the bed. He walks around the room and then exits. They continue to kiss. The man undoes his trousers. The woman gets up and runs out of the room. The man follows her pulling up his trousers. A woman enters with a toddler. She lifts the toddler onto the bed. She changes his nappy. They exit.  An old man enters in a dressing gown reading the paper. He knocks on the door he has entered through. He reads his paper. He knocks again.  He sits at the table and reads his paper. He gets up and leaves the room. An old woman enters. She sits on the edge of the bed and then lies down on it. She gets up and leaves the room. The room is now full of people. People gradually leave the room one by one and don't return. The old woman is left lying on the bed. She gets up and picks up the football that the boy threw through the window at the beginning. She looks around to see if anyone is there but there is no-one. She leaves the room.


By Zbigniew Rybszynski