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How Do You Remember the 1980s?

The Company

'Kicking and screaming whilst my mum took me to ballet class!' – Holly James

'Mainly playing football or tap dancing in festivals!' – Eugene McCoy

'Dancing in all the clubs! And starting drama school.' – Gillian Kirkpatrick

'Watching my big sister’s copy of Dirty Dancing on VHS.' – Holly Dale Spencer

'Hanging on the monkey bars in the playground, no doubt wearing the black and purple shell suit I begged my mum to buy me.' – Katie Brayben

'I was disco dancing to Phil Collins… at nursery. In shoulderpads.' – Susannah Fielding

'Playing football outside.' – Matt Smith

'I was only 4 in 1989, so I was just sorting out stuff really.' – Hugh Skinner

'Welcoming my baby sister into the world! And spending all Christmas ’89 obsessed with Band Aid – "Feed the world" – I thought the lyrics were: "Viva! Woooah!"' – Cassandra Compton

'Pursuing Life.' – Simon Gregor

Probably chasing some farm animals or playing on my NES.' – Charlie Anson

'Being born.' – Tom Kay

1989 was a big year for me. I got engaged with a ring binder sticker, aged 4. Standard.' – Ben Aldridge

'As I was born in 1991, I imagine I wasn’t yet even thought about!' – Lucie Jones

'Being burped.' – Jonathan Bailey