24th Feb 2017 - 30th Apr 2017

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4th Feb 2017 - 13th May 2017

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29th May 2017 - 30th Sep 2017

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The House They Grew Up In

14th Jul 2017 - 5th Aug 2017

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1984 Digital Double

An image of a projection of instagram photographs on a wall.

A collaboration between Sarah Grochala, Dr Btihaj Ajana, Prof Alex Callinicos, Dr Paolo Gerbaudo, Michael Takeo Magruder, Erin Capistrano and M/A

A co-production with the Cultural Institute at King's

Season Closed

Is Big Brother watching you?

As you use the internet, your activity is tracked and monitored. This data is collected by organisations whose interests range from marketing to national security and is used to build up a profile of who you are based on your online activity. This is your “digital double”.

The 1984 Digital Double app provides you with a summary of your online identity. It also provides you with some in-depth information about the ways in which we are tracked online and how digital technology might be changing the very idea of privacy itself. 

The data that is gathered by the app was fed into two live experiences. The first was a projection of user's social media feeds that was presented in theatre foyers during some performances of 1984. The second was PRISM, a digital artwork created by the visual artist Michael Takeo Magruder,

Click here to discover how Big Brother sees you.*


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