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22nd Jan 2020 - 4th Apr 2020

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5th Sep 2020 - 30th Oct 2020

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1984 Now Close

Headlong in association with the Cultural Institute at King's | Nov. 22, 2014
In the background, on a large screen, are the words 'Thought Criminal'.
In the foreground are the entire cast of 1984, seated and staring out in the audience. The mood is sombre...

Saturday 22 November 2014
1pm – 5pm
Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Strand Campus, King's College London

Tickets are free but must be booked in advance

People often refer to the idea that we are living in 1984, but to what extent is that a valid observation about contemporary society?

In 2013, Headlong collaborated with the Cultural Institute’s at King's on a project to explore the relationship between digital technology and live performance. This partnership resulted in the development of an app, 1984 Digital Double, which explores the nature of contemporary surveillance.

Headlong and the Cultural Institute at King's invite you to join a group of digital experts and innovative artists for a day of platform panels exploring a wide range of questions about digital technology, live performance and surveillance.

Speakers include: Dr Btihaj Ajana (King’s), Dr Claudia Aradau (King’s), Tony Bunyan (Statewatch), Professor Alex Callinicos (King’s), Robert Delamere (Digital Theatre), Jeremy Herrin (Headlong), Robert Icke (Co-adaptor and co-director of 1984), Professor Tim Jordan (Sussex University), Dawn King (Playwright), Duncan Macmillan (Co-adaptor and co-director of 1984), Dr Dan Mcquillan (Goldsmiths College), Tassos Stevens (Coney), Simon Vans-Colier, Oliver Cole and Spiros Andreou (TOR Project).

Symposium curators: Btihaj Ajana and Sarah Grochala
1984 Digital Double App Design and Development:Dr Bithaj Ajana, Prof Alex Callinicos, Dr Paolo Gerbaudo, Sarah Grochala, Michael Takeo Magruder and M/A studio

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The Cultural Institute is part of the Cultural Partnerships directorate and a flagship initiative for Culture at King's. Cultural Institute at King's connects the College with practitioners, producers, policy makers and participants across arts and culture, creating space where conventions are challenged and original perspectives emerge. The Institute aims to ensure that thinking generated within King's delivers benefits and drives innovation across the cultural sector, and that arts and culture inspire new approaches to research and learning throughout the College.The Cultural Institute is part of the Cultural Partnerships directorate and a flagship initiative for Culture at King's